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Admissions Template reports

December, 2015
November, 2015
October, 2015
Request for Decision - English Proficiency Policy
Reports for Information - Revision of Bachelor of Music in Music Education Programs in the College of Arts and Science, and Physical Education Studies stream in the College of Kinesiology
September, 2015
Request for Input - English Proficiency Policy


Reports to University Council 

January 28, 2014 - APC response to Planning and Priorities Committee regarding TransformUS reports: request   response   table of results

June, 2015

Request for Decision: Academic Courses Policy
Request for Decision: Master of Water Security (M.W.S.)
Request for Decision: Master of Governance and Entrepreneurship in Northern and Indigenous Areas (M.G.E.N.I.A.)
Request for Decision: M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (M.A. TESOL)
Report of Information: APC Year-end report

May, 2015

Request for Decision: Certificate of Leadership in Post-secondary Education
Request for Input: Academic Courses Policy
Report for Information: M.A. project option in Political Studies
Report for Information: Revisions to the Proposal for Curricular Change Form

April, 2015

Request for Decision: College of Education Direct Admission
Request for Decision: Termination of the International Business Administration Certificate

March, 2015

Request for Decision: Certifcate of Proficiency in Indigenous Languages
Report for Information: 2015-16 Admissions Template
Report for Information: Termination of the Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science

February, 2015

Request for Decision: M.A. in Applied Linguistics
Request for Deicsion: Transfer Credit and Articulation Policy
Report for Information: Certificate Programs
Report for Information: Item for Information (MPA Program modifications; B.Ed. Termination of Industrial Arts and Home Economics teachings area; Approval of Certificate of Proficiency in Applied and Professional Ethics; Approval of Certificate of Proficiency in Ethics, Justice, and Law)

January, 2015

Request for Decision: Graduate Certificate in One Health
Request for Decision: Certificate in Practical and Applied Arts
Request for Decision: Graduate Certificate in Social Economy and Co-operatives
Request for Input: Transfer Credit and Articulation Policy
Report for Information: Item for Information ( (Native Students Program Name Change; Mining Options in Engineering; Termination of PGD in French; Termination of M.Agr non-thesis option; Termination of Jazz Minor; Termination of 4-year B.Sc. in Computing; Termination of Post-degree specialization Certificate in Computer Science)

December, 2014

Request for Decision: Certificate of Proficiency in Classic and Medieval Latin
Report for Information: Academic Calendar 2015-16

November, 2014

Request for Decision: Termination of Bachelor of Science in Biologicakl Engineering
Report for Information: Change to Approved Academic Calendar in the College of Dentistry


June, 2014

Request for Input: Academic Courses Policy
Request for Input: Proposed Recommendations on Program Evaluation and Approval Practices

May, 2014

Request for Decision: Arts & Science - Termination of 4 year General Honours degree

April, 2014

Request for Decision: Arts & Science - Termination of 4 year and Honours degrees in Biology and Biotechnology
Request for Decision: Arts & Science - Termination of 4 year and Honours degrees in Biomolecular Structure Studies

February, 2014

Request for Decision: CGSR - MN:NP and PGDSC:NP - change to admission qualifications

January, 2014

Request for Decision:  CGSR - MA in Women's, Gender and Sexualities Studies
Request for Decision:   Arts & Science - BA&Sc in Health Studies
Request for Decision:   Medicine - MCAT admission qualification
APC response to Planning and Priorities Committee regarding TransformUS reports: request   response   table of results

December, 2013

Request for Decision: College of Dentistry admission qualifications changes
Item for Information:  Academic Calendar 2014-15

November, 2013

Request for Decision:  College of Medicine replacement program
Request for Decison: SENS Certificate in Sustainability

October, 2013

Item for Information:  Resolution of Challenge 

September, 2013

Request for Decision:  Engineering enrollment increase


June, 2013

Report for Decision:  Arts and Science - Certificate in Criminology and Addictions
Report for Decision: Nursing - Replacement Program Post Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Report for Decision: Arts and Science - termination of BA programs in Community Planning and Native Studies
Report for Information:  Annual Report 2012-13

May 2013

Report for Decision: Arts and Science - Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics
Report for Decision: Arts and Science - Certificate in Global Studies
Report for Decision: CGSR - program termination for Master of Continuing Education
Report for Information:  Open Studies and minor curricular changes

March, 2013

Report for Decision:  College of Medicine admission qualification changes
Report for Decision:  Changes to the Academic Courses Policy

February 2013

Report for Information: Vet Med course change; Admissions Report for 2013-14 

January 2013

Request for Decision: Curricular approval process revisions
Request for Decision: Termination of Bachelor of Arts in Studies in Religious Traditions 
Items for Information:  New concentration in Language and Speech Sciences and name change for existing concentration to General and AppliedLinguistics in the BA Four-year in Linguistics;  New concentration in Conducting/Music Education in the Masterof Music;  Name change to Religion and Culture in BA programs of theDepartment of Religion and Culture 

December, 2012

Request for Decision:  Change to College of Dentistry admission qualifications
Request for Decision:  Change to College of Graduate Studies and Research admission qualifications to allow departments to offer direct-entry PhD programs
Items for Information:  Academic Calendar 2013-14;  Double-listing for DENT and MED courses 

November, 2012

Request for Decision: Template for Certificate programs in Arts and Science

September, 2012

Items for Information:  Veterinary Medicine academic calendar change; English Proficiency criteria clarification


June 2012

Request for Decision: Graduate Studies and Research -- Post-Graduate Degree Specialization Certificate in Corrections
Request for Decision:  College  of Graduate Studies and Research - MEd in Curriculum Studies area of study:  Educational Technology and Design
Request for Decision: College of Medicine - admission qualification change for Out-Of-Province applicants

Items for Information: 
Pharmacy and Nutrition: Change to Academic Calendar for fourth-year students
CGSR: Increase in Physical Therapy program credit units
CGSR: Change of program name to Biological Engineering
Education: Change of name for Vocational EducationCertificate
Veterinary Medicine: Increase in Veterinary Medicine Year Four program
Nomenclature Report: Addition of mobility terminology
Annual Report of the committee for 2011-12

May 2012

No reports approved due to lack of quorum

April, 2012

Request for Decision: Agriculture and Bioresources- B.Sc. in Animal Bioscience

March, 2012

Request for Decision:  Edwards School of Business: revision to admission requirements and related program changes for Aboriginal Business Administration Certificate
Request for Decision:  Academic Courses Policy:  late withdrawals from courses and Withdraw Fail grade comment
Report for Information:  Items for Information: 
Agriculture and Bioresources: Change of name of Minor to Minor in Agribusiness Entrepreneurship
Pharmacy and Nutrition: Temporary change in Nutrition admission quota
Medicine: Change in program credit units due to change ingenetics course

January, 2012

Request for decision: CGSR: Revised admission qualifications for Master of Business Administration 
Request for decision: Engineering: Revisions to Engineering programs in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Engineering
Request for decision: Arts & Science: Increased language requirement for B.A. Humanities majors 
Request for decision: Arts & Science: Program termination of BA Four-year and Honours Sociology (Indigenous Peoples and Justice Program) major and the Minor in Indigenous Peoples and Justice 
Request for decision: University of Saskatchewan Admissions Policy 
Request for decision: Revisions to Academic Calendar Procedures 
Item for Information: 2012-13 Academic Calendar

December, 2011

Request for decision: Arts and Science: Replacement program for Bachelor of Music in Music Education and termination of combined Bachelor of Music in Music Education/Bachelor of Education program
Item for information:  Arts and Science: termination of minor and recognition in Russian 

November, 2011

APC Request for Decision - termination of BA Three-year programs in Ukrainian
APC Report for Information - Minor in Ukrainian Studies, change to Moribund Course deadlines


June 2011 

For Decision --College of Graduate Studies & Research: Master of Northern Governmence and Development 
For Decision -- College of Graduate Studies & Research Dual Degree Policy 
For Decision -- Nomenclature report to Council     Nomenclature Report 2011 page 
Notice of Motion -- University of Saskatchewan Admissions Policy APC Annual Report 2010/11

May 2011

For Decision -- Changes to BA requirements and termination of Advanced and Honours Certificates in Arts
For Decision - College of Medicine Global Health Certificate
For Decision - Academic Courses policy report to Council    Academic Courses Policy page
Notice of Motion -- Nomenclature report to Council   
Requesf for Input - University of Saskatchewan Admissions Policy

April, 2011

For Decision -- Medicine: change to definition of Saskatchewan Resident
For Decision -- Medicine: increase to enrolment target
For Decision -- WCVM:  admission requirements
Notice of Motion -- Academic Courses policy on course delivery, examinations, and assessment of student learning

March 2011

For Decision -- Change to Admission Requirements for Master of Nursing, Nurse Practitioner Option
For Input -- Draft of the University Nomenclature Policy 2011
For Information -- Course-based Program Option in Philosophy Master of Arts program; Change of Field of Specialization name to MSc and PhD inPhysics & Engineering Physics

January, 2011

Request for Decision -- Post Graduate Diploma in Aboriginal Agriculture & Land Management
For Information -- New Minor in Critical Perspectives on Social Justice and the Common Good. smf  Double-listing for PUBH/PUBP 861.3 Health, Post-Secondary Education and Social Programs: Funding, Structure and Reform

December, 2010

Request for Decision -- approval of MA in Religion & Culture
Request for Decision - termination of LUEST program
Request for Decision - termination of Prairie Studies program
Report for Information - academic schedule for 2011-12;  Minor in Digital Culture & New Media;  terminations of Co-Op Option in RUP program and of Minor in Philosophy, Science & Biotechnology 

November, 2010

Request for Decision on approval of degree names
 Request for Decision on change of degree name to BE in Biological Engineering

October, 2010

Request for Decision Medicine admissions criminal records check
 Item for Information  change to academic schedule  - Fall 2010 Withdraw Deadline

September, 2010

Request for Input  Academic Courses Policy draft