Governance Structure

In accordance with The University of Saskatchewan Act, 1995, our university:

  • provides for a tricameral governance structure: Senate, Board, and Council
  • provides for an administration led by a President ,Vice Presidents, Deans and Department Heads

USask Organization Chart

Governing Bodies

USask has a tricameral governance structure, which means it has three governing bodies:

Board of Governors

The board is responsible for overseeing and directing all matters respecting the management, administration and control of the university's property, revenues and financial affairs.

University Council

Council is responsible for academic oversight and directs the university’s academic affairs on matters ranging from degrees, scholarships and programs to evaluation, academic integrity and admission.


Senate gives graduates, the community and key stakeholders a voice in university affairs.

Executive Leadership


USask Executive Leadership supports each of the university’s governing bodies in fulfilling its role in accordance with the requirements of The University of Saskatchewan Act and the principles of good governance.

University Secretary

The Office of the University Secretary is a key link between the executive leadership and governing bodies of the university, facilitating the activities of the Board of Governors, Senate, General Academic Assembly and University Council as well as governance matters related to university policies.


Contact the USask Governance office structure if you have questions regaurding the structure.