Senate Elections 2021 - Call for Nominations

Senate nominations are open for the 2021 election (members-at-large and district positions)

In the 2021 election, there are five (5) member-at-large positions available and five (5) district positions (Districts 1, 2, 5, 6, and 13). All members of convocation are eligible to nominate and be nominated. In the case of a district, the nominee must be a resident of that district. In regards to voting for a district nominee, only members residing in that district may vote. All members listed below are eligible for a second term unless noted otherwise.

Nominations close March 1, 2021.

Members-at-large with expiring terms

  1. Brooks DeCillia
  2. Cecile Hunt
  3. Kelley Moore
  4. Bud Sambasivam (not eligible for another term)
  5. Christine Wesolowski (not eligible for another term)

District positions available

  1. Rae Mitten (not eligible for another term)
    District 1 Weyburn – Estevan – Carlyle

    (Postal codes beginning with SOC, S4H, S4A)

  2. Tim McLeod
    District 2 Chaplin – Moose Jaw – Rockglen)

    (Postal codes beginning with S0H, S6K S6J, S6H)

  3. Michelle MacDonald
    District 5 Kindersley – Delisle – Lucky Lake
    (Postal code beginning with S0L)

  4. Lisa Hermiston
    District 6 Wynyard – Yorkton - Esterhazy
    (Postal codes beginning with S0A and S3N)

  5. Anne Doig
    District 13 Saskatoon
    (Postal codes beginning with S7)

Nomination Form Member-at-large

Nomination Form District