Senate Election 2021 Bios

District 1

Rob Jordens

My name is Rob Jordens. I was born, raised, and graduated high school in Weyburn, SK and then attended the University of Saskatchewan, receiving a B.Sc. Hons. Biology (1996) and a Ph.D. Neuropsychiatry (2002). My wife, Terry, and I then moved overseas for nearly 5 years where I  worked in education and created content for the Korean English language market. I also had a one year stint at NIH in Bethesda, MD (National Institute of Aging Postdoc). In 2008, I established Language Cradle Consulting, contributing to and authoring titles ranging from early years to university level TOEFL and adult business English titles.

Changes to the Korean language market led to me following a career path I had often considered - Real Estate. In 2013, I became a Realtor and Owner of Century 21 HomeTown in Weyburn, a position I hold to this day.

I have two children, Ranson and Falon. Both are active in sports and academic life and I make every effort to engage as a coach, teacher, or mentor when needed. My wife is a superintendent with the Catholic School Division. Together, we make a strong family - something which has been very rewarding for me.

Eric Wilmot


Carnduff High School, Grade 12 (1971);
University of Saskatchewan, School of Agriculture, Diploma in Agriculture (1973);
University of Saskatchewan, College of Law, Bachelor of Laws (1984).


I owned and operated a grain farm in southeast Saskatchewan from 1973 until retirement in 2015.

I continue to have vested interests in agricultural venues.

I practiced private law commencing in 1984 until 1996 and continue to be a non practicing member of the Law society of Saskatchewan.

I have been involved with local sports and youth organisations while my children were involved.

Senate Member Interest:

I have had an ongoing connection with and interest in the University of Saskatchewan since my days in the School of Agriculture.

My wife, Cheryl (Gatin) Wilmot had 2 degrees from the University of Saskatchewan, Bachelor of Education (1979) and Bachelor of Commerce (1983).

All three of my children have degrees from the University of Saskatchewan, including the College of Agriculture, the College of Kinesiology and the College of Commerce.

The University of Saskatchewan has been an important aspect my family’s life.

I believe that serving as a Senate District Member would be an opportunity to contribute to the University. I, also, believe that my education, business experience and personal interest would be of assistance in performing the duties of such a member.  

District 2

Byron Hainstock

I have the distinct privilege to have earned a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Saskatchewan.  While the vast percentage of my career has been in agribusiness throughout North America, the basics of learning how to sell grade nine students ancient history have held me in good stead in my marketing endeavors.

Teaching, farming and running several businesses have taken me around the world on business.

I am truly thankful for my wife and partner in life as we have 3 superior children, my unbiased opinion, that are a direct result of her tutelage, a University of Saskatchewan grad as well. 

I have sat on several agricultural boards from provincial to federal to international in scope.

The University of Saskatchewan Senate has fascinated me for many years, I feel I now have the experience to be a productive member and therefore will put my name forward.

Bjorn Sigurdson

My name is Bjorn Sigurdson and I am running for University of Saskatchewan Senate, representing SK District 2.

Some background on myself: Born and raised in South West Saskatchewan (Herbert, SK) I attended the U of S from 2000-2007 and walked away with three under graduate degrees (Bachelor of Arts 2005, Bachelor of Science 2006, Bachelor of Commerce 2007). Looking back, my time at the university was just a part of the journey, but it’s a life chapter I share with the professional clients, colleagues, and neighbors. The subject piece of post secondary education will forever be a great conversation.

My university education opened the door to a CPA designation. This allowed me to setup an accounting and consulting practice. Relying on IT skills (that started with running cat5 cables in the college dorms to create local networks) I was able to move my business to operating entirely by remote access. This, temporarily, allowed me travel indefinitely. Due to the pandemic I decided to get out of the city and assist my elderly parents in Herbert, SK.

I feel my education and involvement with the local businesses would make me an ideal candidate to best serve the needs of current and future University of Saskatchewan students. Joining the University of Saskatchewan Senate would be a responsibility I would graciously accept. Thank you.