Terms of Reference

(a) Membership

Membership on the Committee shall be composed of:

(i) The President
(ii) Four District Senators (Regional Advisory Council Chairs) nominated by the Nominations Committee and elected by Senate;
(iii) Four members of the General Academic Assembly appointed by Council
(iv) Four staff members involved in Outreach and Engagement appointed by the President
(v) Four Community Leaders appointed by the President
(vi) One Undergraduate student appointed by the USSU
(vii) Vice-President University Advancement or designate to serve as Secretary (non-voting member)

(b) Term

The term of a Senate member on the Committee is for one year, renewable annually for an additional two years up to a maximum of three years.

(c) Chair

The President will serve as Chair.  The Committee will choose a Vice-Chair.

(d)    Duties and Powers

(i)  Nurture and support the University’s outreach and engagement efforts.
(ii) Convene a university-community symposium on engagement, with broad participation from many communities and parts of campus.
(iii) Honour and celebrate existing initiatives.
(iv) Build awareness and understanding of the concept of engagement.
(v)  Begin the process of identifying future areas of need and priority.
(vi) Invite leading public scholars to share their experiences in Outreach and Engagement with the Round Table.
(vii) Sponsor community lectures and/or workshops.
(viii) Sponsor clinics to support the work of faculty involved in Outreach and Engagement activities.
(ix) Submit regular reports to Council.
(x) Submit regular reports to Senate.