Terms of Reference

The Senate members of the Honorary Degrees Committee shall be nominated by the Nominations Committee and elected annually by Senate.

(a) Membership

Membership on the Committee shall be composed of:

(i)  The Chancellor;
(ii) The President;
(iii) The Provost and Vice-President (Academic);
(iv) Two ex officio members;
(v) Two appointed members of Senate;
(vi) Two elected members of Senate;
(vii) One student member of Senate; and
(viii) The Secretary (non-voting member).

(b) Term

The term of a Senate member on the Committee is one year, renewable annually for up to two additional years for a maximum of three years.  The Chancellor, President and Provost are members for the duration of their terms as long as they hold office.

(c) Chair

The President will serve as Chair and the Chancellor as Vice-Chair.

(d) Duties and Powers

(i)  To encourage nominations and recommend nominees for honorary degrees.
(ii) To submit names to the Senate for consideration at its next meeting or in special circumstances to the Executive Committee for consideration between Senate meetings.