Terms of Reference

The members of the Education Committee shall be nominated by the Nominations Committee and elected annually by Senate.

(a) Membership

Membership on the Committee shall be composed of:

(i) 2 ex-officio members of Senate;
(ii) 2 appointed members of Senate;
(iii) 2 elected members of Senate;
(iv) 1 student member selected annually by the Student Members of Senate;
(v) The Secretary (non-voting member).

(b) Term

The term of a Senate member on the Committee is for one year, renewable annually for up to two additional years, for a maximum of three years.  The term of the Chair will be one year, renewable annually for up to two additional years for a maximum of three years.

(c) Chair

The Chair shall be selected by the members of the Committee.

(d) Duties and Powers

(i) To consult with the Executive Committee respecting formation of the agenda.
(ii) To provide at each meeting of Senate an opportunity for education/exploration of issues relating to the University of Saskatchewan,
(iii) To poll Senators regarding their interests in issues relating to (ii) above.
(iv) To confirm a decision of University Council to change academic and other qualifications required for admission as a student and to report for information to Senate on these confirmations as appropriate.