Terms of Reference

(a) Membership

In accordance with Section 17 of the University of Saskatchewan Act 1995, the committee shall be composed of three members of the Senate and two members of the Board.  The Board shall be invited to nominate two persons.  The members of the Senate shall be nominated by the Nominations Committee as follows:

(i) The President, in his/her capacity as vice-chancellor and vice-chair of the Senate.
(ii) Two members of the Senate who have been elected under Section 24(1)(b) or 24(1)(c) of the Act.(i.e. elected Senators) nominated by the Nominations Committee and elected annually by Senate.

(b) Term

The Joint Nomination Committee for Chancellor will be struck in the fall of the third year of the chancellor’s term, or in the event of a vacancy in the office of Chancellor, or if it is known there will be a vacancy in the academic year.  Members’ terms will coincide with the selection process for the Chancellor.

(c) Chair

The joint committee shall determine its own procedures and shall select its chair from among the five members of the committee.

(d) Duties and Powers

(i)  To invite submissions for candidates for nomination for the position of Chancellor from members of Convocation.
(ii) To review the submissions and select one name for presentation to Senate at the spring meeting prior to the expiry of the incumbent Chancellor’s term.
(iii) If the name of the proposed candidate in (ii) above is not accepted by the Senate, to put forward an alternative nomination no later than the next meeting of the Senate.