Nominations to University Council Committees: 2023/24


Deadline May 14, 2023 

Have your voice heard and help shape the future of the University of Saskatchewan for the next seven generations.

University Council is looking for faculty members, librarians, and sessional lecturers who represent the richness and diversity of our campus community. Volunteers are needed who can provide their unique expertise, and diverse strengths and perspectives to help shape the University of Saskatchewan.
The Council Nominations Committee invites campus community members to participate in administrative service and academic governance. The Committee welcomes those who are committed to advancing through service on various committees:

  • equity, diversity and inclusion;
  • Indigenization, and;
  • the research, teaching, and outreach mission of USask. 

Please consider nominating yourself and encouraging colleagues to nominate themselves to serve on any of the following committees of University Council. This call-for-interest is open to all General Academic Assembly (GAA) members and is not exclusive to University Council membership.

Nominations are also open for other committees, including:

  • Search and Review Committees for senior leaders at USask
  • Policy Oversight Committee

The Nominations Committee is continuing to advance change to help USask meet its fundamental guiding principles of promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion, its commitment to Truth and Reconciliation, and USask's Indigenous Strategy, ohpahotân | oohpaahotaan. These commitments will lead to meaningful change for all members of our campus community. 

Please click here to complete the survey. 


Council Elections 2023-24


There were 18 vacancies available for members-at-large and we received 18 nominations.  The following individuals have been acclaimed as members-at-large for a three-year term beginning July 1st 2023:

Name College
Hongming Cheng Arts and Science
Ralph Deters Arts and Science
Angela Lieverse Arts and Science
Juxin Liu Arts and Science
Veronika Makarova Arts and Science
Ella Ophir Arts and Science
Steven Rayan Arts and Science
Stephen Urquhart Arts and Science
Keith Da Silva Dentistry
Shaun Murphy Education
Keith Walker Education
David Zhang Edwards
Kyle Anderson Medicine
Andrew Freywald Medicine
Jay Kalra Medicine
Darrell Mousseau Medicine
Janet Luimes Nursing
Paul Jones SENS

College Representatives:

The following individuals have been acclaimed, unless otherwise noted, as representatives of their respective colleges for a three-year term beginning July 1st, 2023:

Name College
Eric Lamb Agriculture & Bioresources
James Nolan Agriculture & Bioresources
Maggie FitzGerald Arts and Science
Ludmilla Voitskova Arts and Science
Felipe Sperandio Dentistry
Walter Siqueria Dentistry
Beth Bilson Education
Egan Chernoff Education
Scott Walsworth Edwards School of Business
Keith Willoughby Edwards School of Business
Reza Fotouhi Engineering
W.J (Chris) Zhang Engineering
Christopher Dutchyn Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Pierre-Francois Noppen Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Joel Lanovaz Kinesiology
Corey Tomczak [APPOINTED] Kinesiology
Jamesy Patrick Law
Martin Phillipson Law
Greg Wurzer Library
Melissa Just [ELECTED] Library
Julia Boughner Medicine
Rachel Engler-Stringer Medicine
Marcella Ogenchuk Nursing
Helen Vandenberg Nursing
Jane Alcorn Pharmacy and Nutrition
Jason Perepelkin Pharmacy and Nutrition
Susan Detmer WCVM
Gillian Muir WCVM

There were no further nominations received within the College of Kinesiology so a 2nd-call for nominations will occur for the remaining position.

There were two eligible nominees in the University Library so an election in that college will occur.  More information will be circulated to eligible voters directly.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Governance Office at (306) 966-6253 or