Terms of Reference

The Nominations Committee of University Council is responsible for:

  1. Nominating members of the General Academic Assembly and Council to serve on all standing and special committees of Council, other than the nominations committee, and nominating the Chairs of these committees.
  2. Nominating members of Council to serve on other committees on which Council representation has been requested.
  3. Nominating individuals to serve as Chair and/or Vice-Chair of Council, or as members of Council, as required, in accordance with the Bylaws.
  4. Nominating sessional lecturers to Council committees as required.
  5. Nominating eligible members of the General Academic Assembly to serve on appeal and review committees as required by the Collective Agreement with the University of Saskatchewan Faculty Association.
  6. Nominating individuals to serve on search and review committees for senior administrators.
  7. Advising the University Secretary on matters relating to Council elections.
  8. Designating individuals to act as representatives of the committee on any other bodies, when requested, where such representation is deemed by the committee to be beneficial. 


  1. Members of the nominations committee will be permitted to serve on other Council committees.
  2. To the greatest extent possible the nominations committee should attempt to ensure that no member of Council or the General Academic Assembly serves on more than one of the following committees: academic programs committee or planning and priorities committee.
  3. Members of affiliated and federated colleges may not serve on the planning and priorities committee.
  4. To the greatest extent possible, the nominations committee should attempt to include on committees members who are broadly representative of the disciplines of the University.
  5. The nominations committee will attempt to solicit nominations widely from Council and the General Academic Assembly.
  6. When a member of Council is appointed to a Council committee, the term of membership on the Council committee will be completed even if the individual ceases to be a member of Council provided the member is and remains a faculty member.
  7. Nominees will be selected for their experience, demonstrated commitment and/or their potential for a significant contribution to committee functions.
  8. To the extent possible, considerations will be given to equity in representation.


Nine elected members of Council, not more than three members from Arts and Science and not more than two members from each of the other colleges, one of whom will be Chair.

Ex Officio Members (non-voting)
The President
The Chair of Council

Committee Coordination
Governance Office

Meeting Schedule

The Nominations Committee meets on an ad hoc basis.  The Committee Coordinator will schedule the meetings as required.